Action on road surfacing

Over the last few weeks, Cllr Martin Repton and myself have been out, socially distanced, in Darley ward to see the road resurfacing across the ward. We will continue to press the Council to deliver road resurfacing and repairs where needed in the ward over the next few years.

Action on Bike Thefts


Residents of a Derby suburb have been left concerned for the safety of their properties after a spate of burglaries in recent days.

Darley Abbey has been subject to a dozen break-ins over the past week, with a number of bicycles being taken.

Work tools and four bicycles were among the items stolen as 14 garages were raided at Darley Park House, on New Road. 

The incident is believed to have taken place between approximately 11pm and midnight on Saturday. 

One resident, who preferred not to be named, said that three young males were seen near the area of the crime.

“I heard an almighty bang, someone shouted and then running footsteps. I looked out of my window but couldn’t see anything,” they said.

It is at least the fourth incident of its kind to take place in the area in the past week, with bicycles recently being stolen from properties on both Old Road and Darley Park Road too.

Alison Martin, prospective Labour candidate for Darley Ward at this May’s local elections, believes urgent action is needed to put a halt to these crimes. 

She described the number of residents that have seen their homes targeted as “striking”, adding that “the current spate of thefts is totally unacceptable.

“People should not have to tolerate this kind of theft and behaviour. I have contacted the local police and called for more regular police patrols in the village and wider area for the time being.”

Mrs Martin also called on Darley and West End Safer Neighbourhood Team to issue “immediate advice to people on how they might better secure their sheds, garages and bicycles”.

She also encouraged authorities to “urge residents to report every incident to them, along with any suspicious behaviour they see, by phoning 101.

“I expect the police to do everything they can to apprehend the culprits and to attempt to retrieve the stolen bicycles for their owners.”

Sergeant Daniel Potts, of the Allestree and Darley Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “We are aware of the recent incidents, and concerns from local residents. The reports are being investigated and officers are working to gather evidence.”

He also suggested ways in which residents can keep their bicycles safe, including using two different types of locks and securing your frame and wheels to something that can’t be removed.

“Officers are carrying out proactive patrols of the area and would encourage people to take steps to secure their buildings and bikes. We would also encourage people to report any suspicious activity to us,” Sgt Potts added.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Darley and West End Safer Neighbourhood team, quoting crime reference number 21000003339 in any correspondence. 

Scam Alert!

A fake NHS text message is currently in circulation, informing people that they’re eligible to apply for the COVID-19 vaccine.

The scam message reads “we have identified that your are eligible to apply for your vaccine” and then prompts you to click on a link for further information or to ‘apply’ for the vaccine.

This URL takes you to an extremely convincing fake NHS website, where fraudsters are attempting to coerce people into divulging personal or financial information.

If you receive a text or email that asks you to click on a link or for you to provide information, such as your name, credit card or bank details, it’s a scam.

Any text message containing a link should be treated with caution. The best way to find information from GOV.UK, or any other agency, is to visit that particular website via a trusted source (such as through Google or Bing) and do not click on links in unsolicited texts or emails.

Cold calls regarding the vaccine are also beginning to take place, where scammers are asking people to pay for the vaccine over the phone. If you receive one of these calls, hang up.


Scams can come in many forms and is an incredibly sophisticated crime, making it more difficult to distinguish genuine messages from the fake.

• Do not open attachments or click on links in emails or texts from senders you don’t know.

• Never give out personal information, financial details or passwords in response to an email, text or phone call without verifying that the person is who they claim to be.

• Block any numbers that arouse suspicion.

• Set up spam filters on all of your accounts.

• Always go to a website directly, by typing out the address yourself, when logging into an account.

• Look out for fake websites by sense-checking the domain name.

• Keep an eye out for numerous spelling mistakes in messages, these are normally linked to phishing emails and texts.


We all make mistakes and these days the scams can be incredibly convincing. If you think you, or someone you know has been a victim of online fraud:

• Let your bank know what’s happened immediately.

• Report the offence to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or via their website https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/.

• A COVID Fraud Hotline (0800 587 5030) has also been set up by in partnership with Crimestoppers to enable individuals to report fraud within the public sector during the pandemic. There is also an online reporting feature which can be found here: http://covidfraudhotline.org If you need to seek further advice you can contact us via one of the following methods:

• Facebook: send us a private message to /DerbyshireConstabulary

• Twitter: direct message our contact centre on @DerPolContact

• Website: complete the online contact form www.derbyshire.police.uk/Contact-Us.

• Phone: call us on 101.Please share this warning with friends and family, so we can prevent anyone from falling victim to scams.

Call for police action after a spate of bicycle thefts in Darley Abbey

Over the New Year weekend many valued and valuable bicycles were stolen from around Darley Abbey, including 14 garage break-ins during one evening alone. Residents reported sightings of youths behaving suspiciously in the area and continue to do so.

The current spate of thefts is totally unacceptable. I have contacted the local police and called for more regular police patrols in the village and the wider area for the time being. 

I have asked the police to do more to urge residents to report every incident to them, along with any suspicious behaviour they see, by phoning 101. I have also asked if the police can issue immediate advice to people on how they might better secure their sheds, garages and bicycles. 

And I expect the police to do everything they can to apprehend the culprits and to attempt to retrieve the stolen bicycles for their owners. People should not have to tolerate this kind of theft and behaviour.

The Silk Mill’s legacy to the World

I am so pleased to see that the Museum of Making, which I backed as the City Council Cabinet Member for Leisure and Culture in 2014-15, is opening soon and gaining national interest. Well done to Tony Butler, Hannah Fox and the entire team for their hard work and sense of ambition. Click the link below to find out more in a recent article published in The Observer.


A busy build up to Christmas 2020 in Darley

A busy day with Labour in Darley: hanging baubles on the West End Christmas tree, helping to deliver the neighbourhood Christmas meals and hampers, and supporting the Police and Crime Commissioner, Hardyal Dhindsa, in promoting anti-burglary action.

Chester Green Christmas Lights 2020

It was lovely to attend the Chester Green lights switch on earlier. There are so many wonderful windows in the window wonderland trail. The lighting around the green and the streets is so festive, and the Christmas tree so beautifully decorated. Magical.

Labour remains committed to a green agenda

Holiday hunger campaign success

I am very pleased that Derby Labour’s campaign calling upon Derby City Council to issue all children receiving Free School Meals with vouchers has been successful. There will be a voucher scheme in place for the Christmas holiday.We need to address the issue of holiday hunger beyond that, though. We need a comprehensive voucher scheme. We also need to address other issues of food poverty in the city. That’s why I think the Council Cabinet should designate a Food Champion to address and lead on these issues not just right now, but for the future.

Central England Coop support for new sign at West End Community Centre

Thank you to the Central England Co op for funding the new exterior sign at the West End Community Centre. This is a great help, especially at this time.The West End CC Committee has stepped up and permitted the Department of Health to use the centre as a local walk-in Covid test centre for the next few months, serving people in Darley and connected areas. We all look forward to it being open as a vibrant community centre once again.

Derby Remembrance Sunday Service

Remembrance Day looks a little different this year, as #DerbyRemembers from home. Tune into our pre-recorded service from 10.45am on Sunday 8th November, and share the the 11.00am minute’s silence from your doorstep. Set a reminder on YouTube – http://orlo.uk/vKVzo

Chester Green Fundraiser

I was pleased to support the Chester Green Entertainment Team’s fundraiser this afternoon, Saturday 24 October . A few bargains acquired, despite the message on the notice behind me!

Covid-19 testing at West End Community Centre

Yesterday, Saturday 17 October, I visited the West End Community Centre on Mackworth Road which has now opened as a walk-in Covid testing centre. It was good to talk to the team there and to be their first (dummy-run) customer.

If you have symptoms you can turn up at the gate and will be guided through the process. Or you can register first at https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/testing-and-tracing/. Tests are available seven days a week.

Either way, it takes just a few minutes. Social distancing and sanitizing is in place to keep you safe.

Tackling the litter problem in Darley

This afternoon, I have been out in Darley Ward putting up the new anti-litter poster that residents requested.

Alison on the beat with the Police and Crime Commissioner 17 September

I was out and about in the West End this afternoon alongside Derbyshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Hardyal Dhindsa, and Cllr Martin Repton, talking to local residents about the new, half a million pounds funding to help prevent crime in the area.

New Traffic Management System in Darley Abbey

The Council has decided to introduce the new traffic management system through Darley Abbey by using Covid-19 measures funding. The Council went ahead with this scheme without consulting local residents or the local, Darley ward Councillors.They say the scheme is temporary and will be reviewed at the end of October. If you are a resident in Darley Abbey, please be prepared to submit your views on the scheme to the Council then. I have already received feedback from residents and I know it is causing concern on a number of counts. It is important that any problems are put right. The scheme aims to reduce the use of Church Lane as a rat run and to help mitigate the effects of the traffic caused by the A38 works when they begin. Yet it must not cause more problems than it solves. The Council must get this right for Darley Abbey.

Tackling West End Crime update.

I am very pleased to announce that myself and Hardyal Dhindsa, Labour’s Police and Crime Commissioner, have secured over £500,000 in funding for the West End. It will be used to tackle crime and to make the area safer. 

This is great news for the West End and is just what we need to deal with some of the problems people have had to put up with in recent years. We need to work with the police so that people feel safer where they live. Cutting crime in the West End is top of the agenda and Hardyal Dhindsa and myself will work with anyone who wants to be involved to make sure the area becomes a place where everyone feels safe.

The money will be spent on CCTV cameras, preventing burglaries in people’s homes, better street lighting and the creation of a Neighbourhood Watch Association.

Assembly Rooms update

We are all looking forward to the creation of a successful new venue in Derby. However, lots of questions need to be answered about this proposal. Not least: what will happen on the exisiting Assembly Rooms site, long considered the best place for a venue? In the past, people have proposed building private flats on that site. I say no. The Market Place should be the heart of the city, a place for public for the public and their events.


The figures below, released in July 2020 under an FOI request, show that Labour’s plans for a newbuild Assembly Rooms were cheaper, more cost effective and more beneficial than the refurbishment option the Tories chose. The Tories chose to ignore officer advice and promised the undeliverable to the public. They have had to abandon their plans because estimated refurbishment costs rose to a high level, as the Tories had been told they would. They have not delivered. Now, more than ever, Derby needs a credible plan for a new Assembly Rooms.


Litter in Darley Park

I am pleased to report that, following on from Darley folks’ concerns about litter and signage and our Darley Park litter pick, the Parks Department has agreed to my request for better signage with a new sticker on the way.


Alison Martin
Darley Ward Labour Candidate, 2021.


Hello and thank you for visiting my website!

I am very pleased that Darley Ward selected me to stand as your councillor in next May’s City Council election.

As a local woman, I know the ward well: it’s a vibrant area with lots of diverse and active communities. I will work with all the residents and community groups in Darley to make sure that we preserve its heritage, develop its potential and maintain a good quality of life for everyone who lives here.




I am an ex-university lecturer with two children, so I am passionate about education and will support the nurseries and schools in the ward; I was Chair of Governors at Woodlands School for many years.

I will support community initiatives in Darley and do my utmost to protect and improve its many parks, open spaces and historic buildings.

I care about environmental issues and look forward to working with Darley residents on those matters.


We need to make sure community facilities are supported and developed, and try to provide more activities for young people.

I’ve been talking to as many residents as possible to listen to your views and deal with any concerns you have. 

If you have any issues you want to raise with me, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Thank you.


Stay in touch Tel: 07717 447 354 Email: alisonmartin4darleyward@outlook.com

Promoted by James Shires on behalf of Alison Martin both at Derby Labour Party, 2a Wentworth House, Vernon Gate, Derby. DE1 1UR